GADGETSCN iDoctor Radiation Proof Stereo Earphone

iDoctor Radiation Proof Stereo Earphone

Wear it like a doctor? This is new generation anti-radiation health care earphone for you.
* Compared with directly using the mobile phone, radiation is reduced by more than 1000 times
* Compared with using ordinary headphones, radiation is reduced by more than 60 times
* Compared with using a Bluetooth headset, radiation is reduced by more than 20 times
* Anti-radiation Earphone radiation levels is 30 times lower than the requirements of the Hygienic standard for environmental electromagnetic waves

The non-traditional sense of the ordinary headphone headset( The traditional ordinary headphones into the phone, the metal wire is introduced directly into their phones brain wave radiation,combined with earplugs internal speaker load amplification of high magnetic currents after prolonged use can imagine the harm to human brain).Which uses a principles of sound conduction acoustic air tube , so that the fragile brain away from the radiation source , without any electronic devices , such as the ear radiation , radiation effects easier to convince people.

The new “Intelligent switching mode” Module that allows you to bid farewell to switch wiring troubles , the real Samsung, Apple , HTC, MOTO, Sony Ericsson , Nokia, Lenovo, Huawei , ZTE, millet, Meizu , Amoi , grand , Coolpad one hundred of the most mainstream smartphone brand free cable, plug and play calls and achieve wire -enabled smart MP3 headphone wire , the company’s efforts to create a more powerful experience , continue to bring you little surprises and fresh technology!

* Smart button to swith for all mobile phone.
* With microphone
* Call receive, reject and hang up button, in the same time,it can control music player. One-short-time press for start or play music, two-short-time press for next song
* With volume control, remember to adjust your volume in your mobile phone too.
* New “Intelligent switching mode” Module that allows you to bid farewell to switch wiring troubles
* The material of shell is magnesium alloy.high-quality touch feeling.
* Universal 3.5mm plug, high-quality nickel-plated pins, strong antioxidant capacity.Durable and strong.
* Special collar clip, convenient to fix headphone and microphone, ensure the quality of answer the call.
* Cable adopt imported TPE,durable and can guarantee long term use.
* Ear silicone mushroom head design,maximum to eliminate ambient noise,size can be changed,safety and health.
* Curved catheter design, ergonomic and wear comfortable,do not harm the ears.

Pregnant Mom: When you call, the phone radiation will greatly affect healthy development of the baby. For the baby and your health, wear our radiation headphones.
Business people: using radiation-proof headset during a call can effectively reduce the risk of brain cancer, deafness, cataracts, endocrine disorders, reproductive disorders, etc.